Welcome to Miyakodori, an izakaya in Stockholm. We are a Japanese-style gastro bar where you come to get a drink, grab some food, and get comfy with old and new friends in a laid-back setting. Book a table, or drop by. Hope to see you soon.


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Our tables are released 1 month ahead of time. We don’t allow bookings for groups over 9 people. Our phone is operated from 14:00 – 23:00 Wednesday to Sunday. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.



Booking inquries

+46 73 077 25 91




Miyakodori is started by Max Westerlund Inazawa, John Forsell, and Lars Brennwald, three chefs and food nuts with many years in the business, working at some of the best restaurants in Sweden and beyond.

Max, apart from working in izakayas in Japan, has worked in the kitchen in Frantzen. John has been involved in the Pontus Group and has worked at Rolfs Kök and AG. Lars has worked at Lux, Frantzen in Stockholm and Singapore, and Adam/Albin. Now they come together to share their love of izakaya food culture with Stockholm.


In Japan, yakitori is more than simple finger food – it is a gastronomic culture, all of its own. At Miyakodori, we bring it to life. By our grill, we offer a changing menu of yakitori made to order cooked over burning charcoal. The result is something different and truly unique. Come here for your first fix; we are pretty confident you will come back.


In Kawasaki, outside Tokyo, you will find the original Miyakodori, a third-generation yakitori izakaya that started in the ’50s. When living in Japan, Max, one of us founders, had the privilege of working there and became close friends with the family.

From the outside, the place may not look much to the world, but step inside and grab a seat, and you will be in for a treat; great food crafted with meticulous attention to detail; guests treated as friends; a relaxed and homey atmosphere. To us, it embodies everything we love about izakaya culture.

When we decided to start our place in Stockholm, we asked them to help us come up with a name. Their suggestion was Miyakodori. We are proud to pick up the baton. We won’t try to recreate the original place, but we will do our best to capture its spirit – it’s all about real food and real people.


We are located at Upplandsgatan 7, 111 23 Stockholm – 600 meters from Rådmansgatan Metro Station.

Come as you are and enjoy!



Booking inquiries


Please contact careers@miyakodori.se if you’re intrested in working with us!

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